"When it comes to automotive spare parts, "the sum of our company's parts is greater than the whole…"
M. Pines Ltd. is a prospering family owned and operated business in the field of importation, marketing and distribution of automotive spare parts for all types of private and commercial vehicles in Israel, manufactured by most of the world known vehicle manufacturers. M. Pines operates a central branch serving 350 garages all around Israel. The company's professionalism is expressed through its synergy: combined action and active cooperation among all of the company's divisions and departments, which produce excellent results.

"From our experience, when it comes to cars, you can replace almost everything, except for service."
During the last years, M. Pines has become one of Israel's leading companies in its field, acquiring an excellent reputation in providing a fast, efficient and high quality service. The company employs 120 employees, all highly professional in their field treating their customers with respect, devotion and high standard of service.

The company holds a brand new fleet of more than 35 vehicles, which gives it the advantage of being able to provide an immediate solution for each and every customer at any time and in any place in Israel.
"When it comes to damages caused by accident, a fast repair of the vehicle helps the driver and his family to go back to normal life."
The company's storerooms occupy around 5,000 square meters and contain an inventory of thousands of automotive spare parts items, all managed through an organized logistical setup controlled by one of the world's most advanced automatic computerized system. Our company has special contracts with insurance companies, car rental and leasing companies and vehicle fleets. Our inventory of automotive spare parts is updated and varies according to market demands and changes.

"Safety comes first! We handle each and every vehicle as if it was one of our family members who is about to drive it".
M. Pines as a leading business in its field makes sure to provide a personal, professional and fast service to each and every customer. Our state-of-the-art technological systems built especially for the company's needs provide a thorough and quick response for any customer's request. We enjoy a fine reputation of professionalism, reliability and high standard of service.
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